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Akamai Edge Tech Conference Photo Story

Tech Conference Photo Story

The Akamai Edge tech conference is an annual gathering of the people that make the internet run. Thousands of business leaders, tech leaders, developers, internet innovators, and engineers from around the world get together to share and explore emerging technologies and platforms. When our longtime clients contacted us about their event photography for their weeklong conference at the Hilton San Francisco, we were intrigued. 

As a collective of visual storytellers and professional event photographers, a good story is like gravity. We are always attracted. like with gravity. After chatting with the events and marketing team at Akamai, we knew it would be a really fun project and a great story. For this corporate photography event with roughly 10,000 attendees, we assembled a four person creative team. We had three San Francisco event photographers – which enabled us to be photographing in multiple places at the same time. It also allowed us to photograph in shifts as the client’s event required a 7am start and 11pm finish times each day. We also brought in an on-site digital editor to be the fourth member of our creative team. This person helped to cull and edit images on-site so that we could provide Akamai with near real-time photo delivery for their press release and for social media. (See more about this on our Event Photography page).

“Our event sponsors and partners are so happy every time they see the photos. We’ve worked with Drew Bird Photography on countless projects in San Francisco, Las Vegas, and all over the country. If by chance they still have your dates available, hire them immediately - it will be one of the best investments you make for your conference.”

– Tammie | Marketing and events Production Manager | Akamai

“Drew Bird and his creative team are excellent professionals. Their images are breathtaking. And their talent, work ethic and dependability is why I fly them all over the world to document our events and to tell our story. From pre-planning to final image delivery, I always know I’m receiving top level service and world-class event photography.”

– Rachele C. | Global Events Manager | Adobe

Instant Same-Day Image Delivery for Event Photography

Most of our conference and event photography clients highly value our premium instant same-day photo delivery service. In a business world that is increasingly moving at light speed, we make it easy for our clients to get their images out into the world as the event is happening.

We do this by including a digital editor on our creative team. This additional person will take media cards from the photographers through each event day. Our editor will coordinate with your event, marketing, and media teams. We will deliver images to you in near real-time throughout each event day so you can have an invaluable stream of creative content for social media and other communications. This is exactly what we did for Akamai and this Hilton San Francisco event photography story.

Akamai was able share the event photo story immediately with their sponsors, executives, partners, and fans. They also used the images for press release. Powerful and compelling event photography is quantitatively proven to increase audience engagement with content across all social media platforms. Download our conference and event photography brochure here.

“Drew Bird is also an absolute pleasure to have at events. He is personable and enjoyable to work with. He’s also dependable: I have full trust in Drew and never have to worry about him or his team. And, for an events person this is vitally important as my attention often needs to be in many different places. I highly recommend the Drew Bird Photo team for any project.”

– Rachele C. | Global Events Manager | Adobe

“We are always happy with the final images and with the Drew Bird team’s positive energy and enthusiasm. On top of all this, Drew is a genuinely engaging and intelligent person — an excellent communicator who is skillful at adapting to new challenges. Drew is not only a professional storyteller with the camera; he is a business professional as well. This is why we fly him all over the world to create photo stories for our clients.”

– Jess T. | Chief Operating Officer | Firebrand Marketing

Stage Presentations, Keynote Speakers, and Breakout Sessions

The main stage presentations and keynote speakers are also a big part of our professional conference photography services. Our team of documentary style photographers capture breathtaking and passionate images of an event’s keynote speakers as well as panel discussions, audience reactions, and smaller breakout sessions. From wide angle images of the entire room to close up images of the presenters, we’ll create a photo story that will inspire and amaze everyone in your network. Artistic and genuine photography will help to increase attendance for future years’ events.

The main stage presentations and keynote speakers for Akamai’s San Francisco event were held in the Hilton Hotel’s incredible conference center. The SF Hilton in the financial district boasts more than 21,000 square feet of event space including this grand ballroom which is great for large corporate events and stage presentations. 

“Passionate and captivating event photography is a vital element for any modern brand strategy. The images we create together will become the visual assets that help you tell the story of your conference to the world. Our photography will boost engagement, WOW your sponsors, increase attendance at future events, and provide a serious ROI.”

– Drew Bird | San Francisco Event Photographers | Available to Travel World-Wide

This post is about SF event photographers. The photography story was created in partnership with Akamai at the San Francisco Hilton hotel. Drew Bird is an international corporate photographer, event photographer and freelance photographer based in Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area. Drew and our creative team have photographed high-end conferences and events all over the world. The size of our creative team can be scaled to meet the size of any type of event – from a 10 person team retreat to a 30,000 attendee global conference. Get in touch with Drew.

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