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Powerful photography
to tell your visual story

We are a collective of visual storytellers led by Drew Bird and specializing in commercial, editorial, corporate lifestyle, portrait, event, and movie set still photography. We help our clients to transform ideas into photo stories. Passionate and captivating photography is a vital element for any modern advertising or brand strategy.

Still images help us all to understand the story of our experience and to communicate a story that words alone cannot convey. The images we create together will become visual assets that help you to communicate the story of your brand, products, publication, campaign, or services to the world. Our clientele include corporations, brands, advertising agencies, media publications, production companies, foundations, government agencies, universities, independent schools, motion picture sets, businesses, non-profit organizations, and people in search of powerful and professional photography.

We are based in San Francisco, California and photograph for clients world-wide.

Drew Bird

Founder and Lead Photographer

“Drew and his team are amazing. The photos represent our brand impeccably. I’ve been in the creative agency world for 30 years and can only remember a couple of times I’ve been as happy with the creative output from a project. I highly recommend Drew Bird and his team.”

Katie Z. | Director of Marketing | DCP

Why Work with Us?


Professional Experience

Drew Bird and our creative team have more than ten years experience photographing for major brands, companies, and organizations all over the world. Our clientele include corporations, yoga brands, motion picture studios, outdoor adventure clothing brands, boutique coffee roasters, universities, NBA Franchises, advertising agencies, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and businesses in search of powerful and unique photography.


Ability to Scale

The size of our photography and creative team can be scaled to match the size of any project. We have photographed everything from 25,000 attendee events requiring a team with 8 photographers to more intimate photo productions that include one photographer and one subject. Whether we need to go light with a single photographer or if your project requires multiple photographers and a full production crew, we can custom tailor our team to meet your needs.


Same Day Images

Let’s make it easy to tell your story to the world – in near real-time.* Instant delivery is great for social media, press release, and publication deadlines that simply cannot wait until tomorrow. Our on-site digital editor will coordinate with your marketing, publication, or media team. We will curate, edit, and deliver images to you in near real-time as the photographs are created.

*A digital editor is required for same-day delivery, and can be included in any photo package.

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Let’s create a photo story together. Contact us with a description of your project and potential dates. We’ll set up a complimentary consultation in order to better understand your project needs.