Golden State Warriors

2017 NBA Championship Parade

Dub Nation and 1 Million Fans In The Streets

Steph Curry and Andrew Iguodala — stars for the Golden State Warriors — are running through the streets of Oakland with the NBA Championship trophy in hands. More than a million of fans pack the sidewalks. Some hang out of building windows and crowd fire escapes. Others have climbed atop bust stop roofs and shimmied up light poles for a better perch.

Exuberance flows in the air. Everyone is drunk on the glory of victory. The energy is palpable. You can feel it. Taste it. And, we have an editorial photography team in place to tell the visual story.

I was approached by Visit Oakland Magazine and their editorial team at the start of the NBA finals. Their email explained, “We’re anticipating a Warriors win and would love for you to document the championship parade for the magazine. We need to capture the energy, the players, the street scenes and the people.” Being a fan of the Warriors, this was a very easy project to accept. Given the anticipated size of the crowd and the client’s photo needs, we decided a three person team was the perfect fit.

This editorial photography assignment was made in partnership with the Golden State Warriors and the National Basketball Association. Images from this story were published in numerous magazines and online media publications.


Golden State Warriors 2017 Championship Parade

“Thanks Drew! The photos are amazing and exactly what we wanted for the magazine. You captured the energy and the feeling of Dub Nation.”

–  Jordan | Visit Oakland Magazine

“Still images help to communicate a story that words alone cannot convey. We create captivating photos to accompany written articles and stories.”

–  Drew bird

“All the hard work makes this all the more sweeter. This whole day, the whole atmosphere here is unbelievable. The energy you all bring - Dub Nation - we do it for y'all. We Champs!!”

–  Steph Curry | Golden State Warriors

“We provide editorial photography - a mix of photojournalism and editorial portraits - for magazines, book publishers, media publications, brands, and organizations in search of powerful and professional images.”

–  Drew Bird

This photo story was made on assignment for Visit Oakland Magazine and in partnership with the Golden State Warriors and the National Basketball Association. Drew Bird is a freelance editorial photographer based in San Francisco and creating photo stories for clients world-wide. Get in touch with Drew.

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